Letters in the mail

Sometimes, when you’re in immersed in an issue or a fight that’s exponentially bigger than you are, it’s hard to stay grounded. When the goalposts keep moving, it’s difficult to measure your progress. You never lose hope, but sometimes, you lose a little bit of heart.

And sometimes, good people demonstrate the generosity of their spirits and give you a little bit of their own heart instead, and all of a sudden things just seem clearer and brighter.


I sat down this morning with a cup of coffee to start opening up yesterday’s mail. I had a pile eight inches high of envelopes containing documents filed recently within the Joint Review process for Enbridge Northern Gateway. I was reading through motions and evidence put forward by our allies, and responses from Enbridge that made my skin crawl.

And then I found this.

To the sender, who posted this amazing note to me in Bella Bella: You gave me my heart back this morning. You are a reminder of the legions of truly good people who are building a positive community to support the change that needs to happen in our world. And you’ve inspired me.

Thank you for your incredible generosity!

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