Sitting on Water

Earlier this year, I blogged about the new Salmon Stewardship Program at the non-profit organization where I work as communications director. This fall, we wrapped up an exciting pilot year for the program, which included the construction and operation of a traditional-style fish weir that we used for sockeye enumeration.

This project has the potential to enable powerful, local stewardship of an important resource to the Heiltsuk Nation, and the data generated by our fieldwork will support resource management and decision-making for our Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department. It is also an inspiring example of scientific research and monitoring that is guided by cultural values and indigenous knowledge, developed by Heiltsuk managers and carried out by Heiltsuk field technicians.


Since we’re so excited by the story of this project, we wanted to find a way to share it with you! So we partnered with filmmaker Ilja Herb to develop a short film called Sitting on Water: A Season on the Koeye River. The film is close to being completed, and we’re looking for your help to generate interest and the last bit of funding we need to finish the editing. We’re offering some neat incentives for donors, and you can find out more by visiting our crowdfunding page on IndieGoGo.

I’d like to thank Ilja Herb, our filmmaker, and Andrew Naysmith, our editor; Will Atlas, our Salmon Program Coordinator, and all our colleagues at Qqs (Eyes) Projects Society; Grant Callegari for his invaluable work in designing and building the weir, and for helping with donor incentives; Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department; Hakai Beach Institute; and all of our philanthropic partners who support the operation of the Salmon Stewardship Program.

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