Monthly Archives: November 2016


There’s a fine line between cultural appreciation, and cultural appropriation.

Here is some basic reading material to help you understand the difference.

In the spirit of appreciation for Indigenous creations, and support for Indigenous artists, here’s a list of places you can shop – and know that you’re looking at authentically Indigenous works.

I’m open to additions or corrections to this list (hit me up in the comments!) I have made my best effort to gather only those shops/artists who clearly and transparently identify as Indigenous. Any errors in the original list are my own.

1. Ondarez
3. Blu Hummingbird Beadwork
4. NDN Inspired
5. Birch Bark Betty
6. Haida Raven Art:
7. Demian Dineyazhi
8. Est. Time Immemorial
9. Fox Alive
10. Dahlia Drive:
11. Nalgona Positive
12. The Koorie Circle
13. One Earth Exchange
14. Indigenous Fun Facts
15. InLaKEshArte
16. Marthe’s Corner
17. My Native Roar
18. NDN Beads
19. OOKOmShA
20. Native Craft Canada
21. Becka Commanda
22. Jedi Bead Tricks
23. Nishta Creations
24. Beautiful Star Beads
25. Totem Design House
26. Kwiio Couture
27. Beadword by Josie
28. OhShijei
29. Kokum’s Jewelry Box
30. Alaskan Violet
31. Art from Above
32. Canadian Metis
33. Prairie Metis Works
34. Gryphon Beadcraft
35. The Great Thunderbird
36. Created Native
37. A Touch of Native Beauty
38. Beaded Willow
39. Wanbli Hota Beadwork
40. Blue Turtle Made
41. Green Knobs Boutique
42. Little Wings and Oaks
43. Fireweed Baby
44. Twindian Designs
45. Bethany Yellowtail
46. SheNative
47. Breaking Out the Beads